Slide Products

Slide Products. Tool & Machine maintenance sprays and lubricants and Purging Compounds.

Slide Product are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, mold and tool builders.

Offering a full range of mold releases, anti-rust and mold protection sprays, Slide Products has forged a reputation for over

50 years of providing excellent solutions for their customers.

Slide Products are recognized world-wide for Mold Releases, lubricants, and protective sprays.

Products in stock include in Australia:

NexGen Cleaner: The ULTIMATE citrus and vegetable based industrial cleaner.  From paint, graffiti, wax, ink, tar, oils…….Nex Gen cleans it all!

Mold Shield: A Dry formula spray excellent for protecting tools for storage. Self-removes from tool within 5 – 10 shots of start-up.

QUICK Rust Preventative: Provides up to 2 year mold surface protection. The dry formula allows super quick removal of the film, on start up.

Mold Release & Degreaser III: The ultimate industrial surface cleaner for removing silicones, grease, oil, wax build up on tools, without wiping. No residue

Pure Eze Mold Release: USDA approved mold release for food & medical product applications. Colourless, oudorless, & tasteless.

NEW Resin Remover: Removes resin build up from polyacetals, PVC urethanes, and flame retardant deposits from your tools without needing to remove from the machine.

Hi Temp 1800 Mold Release:   A high temperature mold release suitable for surfaces up to 1000 Deg C. Popular in the glass industry as well as high temp plastics, and the die casting sectors.

Econo Spray III Mould Release: Non silicone & food approved mold release. Perfect for paintable parts. * Not suitable for polycarbonate. AN economical solution.

NPT High Performance Purging Compound: The ULTIMATE purging compound. For those difficult to remove, long time carbon build ups. No mixing, no preparation needed…Just pour into the machine throat.

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